Dunlop Fx Tennis Racket Series


Welcome to Power You Can Feel.

A new aerodynamic frame shape and grommet structure, increases string movement for an enlarged sweet spot which packs more power. While Flex Touch Resin adds a smooth feel with every strike. The new FX Series is engineered to give you the perfect balance of power and comfort.
Dunlop FX Tennis Rackets


  • Power Boost Groove: provides players a larger sweet-spot, resulting in more power, allowing them to play with ‘Power At Full Force’.
  • Power Boost Frame Geometry: An aerodynamic head shape with a sharp, modern looking shaft and wider throat for more stability all combining to increase power and stability through the shot.
  • Flex Touch Resin: A completely new material with a unique, high-performance thermoplastic elastomer compound, with high elasticity and vibration dampening properties, resulting in increased touch and feel.
  • Sonic Core Made With Infinergy by BASF: The FX Series rackets also benefit from the use of Sonic Core made with Infinergy® by BASF, innovative technology first seen in the CX Series. Located in the 2 and 10 o’clock areas of the racket, Infinergy® is the world’s first E-TPU (expanded thermoplastic polyurethane) developed by BASF.
  • Powergrid String Tech: The FX Series also inherits POWER GRID STRING TECH from the CX Series, which offers a pattern that’s dense in the middle of the racket and wider at the top of the racket. This technology creates more even power distribution, especially towards the top of the racket which is utilized more often by the modern-day player.

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