Wilson Blade 2017 Tennis Rackets With Countervail

Wilson Blade with Countervail Tennis Racquets
milos raonic tennis racket blade
The New Wilson Blade with Countervail Tennis Racket


With a desirable level of control and power, the new Blade Tennis Racquets offer players all court precision, manageable weight and comfortable response. This 6th generation of the Wilson Blade Rackets now feature Countervail technology as their main innovation. 

Countervail is a layered carbon fiber originally designed for the aerospace industry to dissipate vibrations in vehicles. proven to reduce racket vibration by 30%* and arm fatigue by 10%. By maximizing energy, Countervail actually improves shot control by 40% without compromising feel. In sports, the material has been used in bikes to reduce vibration transfer to the rider. Wilson has put precise amount of Countervail at specific parts of the Blade frames to cancel vibration shock at its max. The material is undetectable, so the feel of the Blade's remain intact. 

This innovation allows the racquet to absorb more shock, allowing the player a better feel and less shock to contend with. This helps the player a better execution due to less fatigue of absorbing shock. Countervail is said to allow players to compete longer times and recover faster. 

Of the New Blade Models, the Blade 98 (18x20), Blade 98 (16 x 19) and Blade 98S will have Countervail. The other members of the family (Blade 104 and Blade 98L) won't contain the material and are designed lighter for younger or female players. All Blade's have the same bold matte finish with a shiny lemon green to preserve the Blade symbolic colors.

Finally, to complement the family, Wilson has also created the Blade 104SW Autographed Tennis Racquet. This model is a special edition used by Former No. 1 and record breaker Serena Williams. Another ambassador of the Blade family is the top 10 ranked Canadian player Milos Raonic, which uses the Blade 98 (18x20) CV Tennis Racquet.    

Wilson Blade 98S CV Tennis Racquet Wilson Blade 98 16x19 Countervail Tennis Racket Wilson Blade 98 18x20 CV Tennis Racquet Wilson Blade 98L Tennis Racket Wilson Blade 104 Tennis Racquet Wilson Blade Serena Williams Autographed 104 Tennis Racket