New Dunlop Fx Series


The New FX Forces of Power

Discover the science behind the power. Forces combine on the court; all those long, hard hours in the gym and on the practice court are paying off, the passion and desire to win kicks in. Merge this with power in your hand; a racket packed with Japanese technology, with the perfect balance of controlled power and you have an unstoppable combination. 

Powered by Srixon technology, the FX series has been updated to deliver a new and improved racket series with the focus on ultimate power, enabling players to swing at full force while providing more touch, more feel and more comfort.

Dunlop FX 2023 Racquet SeriesDunlop FX 2023 Racquet Series


Choose the Power that better fits your game!


Dunlop FX 500 Tennis RacquetDunlop FX 500 Tour Tennis RacquetDunlop FX 500 LS Tennis RacquetDunlop FX 500 Lite Tennis Racquet


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