Head Graphene 360 + Speed Tennis Racquets


A fast game requires a fast racquet. With integrated Graphene 360+ Technology, the new Head SPEED Tennis Racquets offer the perfect blend of flex and stability with an enhanced energy transfer from the racquet to the ball. 

Recommended by Novak Djokovic, the New Head Graphene 360+ Speed racquet series comes with a series of innovative technologies: SUPERACTIVE STRINGBED, a wider cross-strings to add power to your game and helps generate more spin. DYNAMIC FRAME CONSTRUCTION; engineered to increase speed, it consists of a strong shaft and shoulder area for impact resisting stability, great solid feel and sound. GRAPHENE 360+ with innovative spiralfibers for enhanced flexibility and a clean impact feel.

The new Head Graphene 360 SPEED is available in a wide variety of specs; available in the PRO, MP, MP LITE, S, LITE and PWR ranges, the new Head SPEED Tennis Racquet series will fit the game of almost any tennis player. Choose the Speed that better fits your game below:

If you play fast, congratulations - you just got faster! 


Head Graphene 360+ Speed Tennis Racquets

Head Graphene 360+ SPEED PRO Tennis RacquetsHead Graphene 360+ SPEED MP Tennis RacquetsHead Graphene 360+ SPEED MP LITE Tennis RacquetsHead Graphene 360+ SPEED S Tennis RacquetsHead Graphene 360+ SPEED LITE Tennis RacquetHead Graphene 360 SPEED PWR Tennis Racquets



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