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After years of experience, we have found DHL to be the most economic, fastest and reliable inernational shipping company to serve our Luxembourger customers.

With a complete online package tracking service DHL delivers 3.5 million parcels, documents and pieces of freight a week to over 200 countries.


There are no U.S. sales or export taxes. However you are fully and solely responsible for any taxes, import duties or fees imposed in Luxembourg.

We are unable to calculate these fees; Luxembourg customs office can provide you with this info.


The base price for a package of 1lb. is $80, add $7 for each additional lb. The following is an example to be used as a reference guide, but the final price could be adjusted if the volumetric weight is more than the weight expected.

Weight Example DHL Expected Time
1 lbs. Some string sets or 1 set of clothes $ 80.00 5-7 days
2 lbs. 1 string reel $ 87.00 5-7 days
3 lbs. 1 tennis racquet $ 94.00 5-7 days
4 lbs. 1 pair of shoes $ 101.00 5-7 days
5 lbs. 1 tennis racquet & 1 string reel $ 108.00 5-7 days

These rates and delivery times are for most major cities in Luxembourg, some cities may have a $30.00 surcharge and may take 1 or 2 days longer to be delivered.

The major cities for Luxembourg are: Luxembourg.

Tennis Plaza doesn't pretend to have a profit on shipping, so what it cost to us is what we charge to you.If you want to use a different shipping method or have any question regarding international shipping, you can contact us at:

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Fax: 305-599-1122

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