Wilson Ultra Tennis Racquets

POWER FOR EVERYONE: The all new Wilson Ultra V3 Tennis Racquets

The Wilson Ultra series is made for the modern, aggressive, powerful player. These rackets offer a great combination of speed, precision, power and spin. More stable and powerful than ever before, the updated Ultra series offers easy access to power and maneuverability. 

The key technology in the new Ultra line, POWERPROFILE geometry encompasses three geometrical enhancements designed to boost stability and generate even easier power off the strings. INTEGRATED PWS takes the volume of the current PWS (Perimeter Weighting System) and blends it over a larger area to open up the string bed, allowing for more power off the strings while maintaining stability. SWEET SPOT CHANNEL features a cavity on the inside of the frame to extend cross strings by 3.5mm for more power and responsiveness off the string bed. INVERTED POWER RIB geometry increases torsional stability for easier power and reduced frame twisting. 

If you are an explosive player the Ultra Series is great for attacking, point-finishing tennis. The Ultra V3 Series comes in a wide variety of racquets specs to fit almost any tennis player's profile. Choose the racquet that fits your game the most: 

Wilson Ultra V3: People to the Power

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