Yonex Vcore 2023


The New Yonex VCORE Series

The seventh generation VCORE is a masterpiece of technology and craft. The evolution of this iconic racquet combines undeniably precise spin and remarkable control, creating a true work of art.

New technology and structure combine with innovation to increase string snapback and movement, giving players access to the most spin in Yonex tennis history. Yes, it has even more RPMs than the previous model, producing trajectories your oppponent has never seen before.


Yonex VCORE 2023 Tennis RacquetsYonex VCORE 2023 Tennis Racquets


Choose the VCORE that better fits your game!


Yonex VCORE 95 2023 RacquetsYonex VCORE 98 2023 Tennis RacquetsYonex VCORE 100 2023 Tennis Racquets


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