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Yonex VCore Pro Rackets

Ball Control isn't Rocket Science! It's Racket Science!

Yonex Vcore Tennis Rackets

The new Yonex Vcore Pro Racquets feature Yonex ISOMETRIC racquet shape for enhanced sweetspot, a square-shaped ISOMETRIC frame that creates a 7% larger sweet spot than round racquets for greater control without sacrificing power. An improved throat design for superior spin; an enhanced design that features a thinner beam, longer shaft, and lowered throat for optimum torque and higher spin potential. Incorporated in the throat of the racquet, this revolutionary graphite maintains its flex during fast swing speeds so you can overpower with heavy drives. *Namd technology developed by Nitta Co., Ltd. to 'uniformly disperse carbon nanotubes in carbon fiber composites.

A new Vibration Dampening Mesh has been added to the racquet; for added touch and precision; a stretchy mesh material is wrapped around the graphite within the grip to filter unwanted vibrations.

The Yonex Vcore Series is the racket of choice of three-time Grand Slam Champion Stan Wawrinka and rising star Frances Tiafoe. The Yonex Vcore family is available in different weights and head sizes making it available for players of different styles and levels.

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