Gamma Revive Tennis Ball Pressurizer



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Gamma Revive Tennis Ball Pressurizer

The Gamma Revive Tennis Ball Pressurizer helps maintain the pressure of tennis balls. The pressurizer works by compressing atmospheric pressure between two cylinders to maintain 14 p.s.i. internal pressure when sealed, the same pressure inside your tennis balls when they are new. If left inside the Revive Ball Pressurizer long enough, a used ball will actually regain its original out-of-the-can pressure level.


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I heard mixed reviews on these ball containers in the past but decided to give this one a try. It seems reasonably priced and works fine. There is a small hole off to the side. If you put your thumb over it while turning it down, it seems to load up more pressure and holds it. I use the same hole to see if there is pressure blow by when I open the container. Seems to work fine. Just make sure you maintain the one "O"ring.

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For the price of 3 tennis ball cans, what's to lose? Only had it for a few weeks but the new can of balls I opened 2 weeks ago is still bouncy.

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I ordered two pressurizers & they arrived earlier this week. I placed my 2-week old ProPenn balls in this pressurizers & played with them this morning. They bounced well.

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Poor quality seal.

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Keeps the pressure of the ball longer

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I use it to revive and keep well balls . Sometimes I stop playing and practicing for a while, so I use it to revive and keep the pressure. It is very good for saving the pressure.

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