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MAP Price Policy

M.A.P. is a voluntarily price policy agreement a retailer enters into with a supplier. According to the agreement, which varies in details from vendor to vendor, the retailer can sell an item for any price they wish, but may not advertise the item for an amount less than the Minimum Advertised Price. These agreements help level the playing field for both the small retailer and the giant retail chain. Retailers agree to M.A.P. contracts because the vendor makes it worthwhile for them to do so. A retailer who abides by the agreement can count on getting early shipments of new products, and generally enjoys an "Elite" status.

There are items on our web site and in our print ads, where the prices are higher than what you see at our store. The reason for this is M.A.P., or Minimum Advertised Price Policy.

At Tennisplaza.com, while we abide by our MAP agreements, we implement FREE shipping on all orders and FREE 2nd Day Air shipping on all tennis racquets over $150.00. We also offer FREE stringing to level these prices. Some restrictions apply.

If you still have any questions about MAP policies or prices, feel free to contact us at info@tennisplaza.com or 1-800-955-7515