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Wilson Burn Fst Tennis Rackets

Wilson Burn FST Tennis Racquets

Wilson Burn FST: The Need for Speed!

These days tennis players need speed to stay competitive. The Wilson Burn FST Series (Fast Speed Technology) arrive just in time! 

Engineered to swing fast through the air for increased racquet head speed, letting baseliners stay aggressive and dictate play. Octagon frame geometry, high performance carbon fiber, X2 Ergo grip and counter balance.

Do you have the need for SPEED and Spin?

The Burn FST 99S enables players to increase their racket head speed for more power and has Spin Effect Technology for increased precision spin. Hit the heavy ball to dominate your opponent. 

The Burn FST 95 is the new midsize for the modern game. This racket delivers precision for big hitters looking to use increased racket head speed to reign in their shots and the competition. 

The Burn FST 99 is built for SPEED. This racket is ideal for aggressive baseliners wanting to swing faster and hit bigger. The patent-pending X2 Ergo handle allows for an optimal and customizable feel on two-handed backhands.

Wilson Burn FST 95 Tennis RacquetWilson Burn FST 99 Tennis RacquetWilson Burn FST 99S Tennis Racquet



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